Golf Injuries

See Our Yorkville Chiropractors If You Sustained a Golf Injury

People often associate injuries with physically aggressive sports like football and hockey, but golf actually isn't far behind. According to a sports medicine study, the injury risk level of amateur golfers is between 15.8% and 40.9% annually. Injury rates are even higher among professional golfers. 


When a person swings a golf club, they place up to 10 times their body weight in compressive force on their spine, and 14 different areas of the body are engaged. The average male amateur golfer also swings at a speed of over 93 mph. 

Unsurprisingly, golf can put an enormous amount of stress on the back. The repetitive, forceful swinging takes its toll on the vertebrae, causing misalignments and putting pressure on spinal joints, which can easily result in a serious golf injury. 

The team at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville in Illinois offers a wide range of medical disciplines, including comprehensive chiropractic care that can help prevent golf injuries and recover from them if they do occur. In addition to strengthening the back and contributing to overall wellness, seeing a chiropractor has tremendous benefits for managing a golf injury and even improving one's overall golf game.

Preventive Care

More than 80% of golfers suffer injuries while playing. It is largely due to the unequally distributed force when a golfer swings, which, in turn, results in stiff joints and spinal misalignments. Routine chiropractic care can strengthen the back and properly align the spine, ensuring that the force of a golf swing is more evenly distributed and substantially decreasing the chance of injury. With ongoing care, the spine becomes stronger, and the range of motion is improved.

Golf Injury Pain Management

It's common to experience pain and stiffness, especially in the neck and lower back, as a result of playing golf. Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville's holistic care approach determines and treats the origin of the pain instead of just the symptoms. This allows patients to manage their pain long-term through chiropractic techniques, physical therapy, and rehabilitation, as opposed to simply living with it or taking medicine to mask the symptoms. 

Increased Mobility

Not only can seeing a chiropractor strengthen and stabilize the spine to help prevent a golf injury and alleviate back pain, but it can also improve your swing and game. Having a more flexible spine and a greater range of motion will also allow you to add force and distance to your swing without straining your back.

Chiropractic Care At Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville

If you're suffering from golf-related back pain or stiffness, or you're an avid golfer looking to improve your game, contact Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville today at (630) 239-7284 to schedule an appointment with our chiropractors.