Massage Therapy

Yorkville Massage Therapy Accentuates Physical Therapy

The physicians here at Advanced Physical Medicine in Yorkville are proud to work with a team of licensed and certified professionals. Our massage professionals offer high qualityYorkville massage therapy for pain reliefYorkville massage therapy that accentuates the healing work of our doctors. Massage has significant medical applications that can assist patients with pain relief through the rigors of physical therapy. This form of hands on therapy is widely renowned for its ability to reduce

stress and alleviate back pain and neck pain while also relaxing tense muscles. Tailored massage sessions can also help sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome, auto accident injury pain, work injuries, and many more. In fact, patients come to us from all around Oswego, Aurora, Sugar Grove, Plano, Sandwich, Somonauk, Lake Holiday, Newark, Bristol to reap the benefits of our skillfully-applied therapeutic massage.

Massage Therapy in Yorkville Can Ease Auto Injury
and Work Injury Pain

There are several reasons we recommend that our patients in Yorkville and the surrounding communities try massage therapy, particularly those patients who are struggling to recover

from an auto injury, a work injury, or any kind of repetitive motion injury. These types of injuries not only cause a lot of pain physically, but the stress of overcoming these injuries adds to the difficulty of recovery. Massage is one service that we offer that treats the whole patient, not just the isolated symptoms related to the injury. We find that massage sessions help patients recover more quickly and enables them to get back to leading active, healthy lives sooner rather than later. Many patients even report feeling better than they felt even before their injuries.

Benefits and Goals of Targeted Massage Treatments

Massage therapy for Yorkville back pain relief

The healing goals we can accomplish through therapeutic massage are multifaceted. Our trained massage therapists work directly with our chiropractor and medical doctor. By working with our physicians, the therapist is able to map out a massage plan that fits each patient's particular condition, from neck or back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome. Massage first soothes deep tensions within the musculoskeletal system. Once this tension is relieved, pain starts to lessen and range of motion improves. By taking pressure out of tense muscles, this also relaxes pressures on the bones and joints.

Massage also cuts down on painful inflammation by increasing circulation to injury sites. That improved circulation can then usher more nutrients and oxygen needed to spur the body's own healing processes, all the while helping to eliminate toxins and injury byproducts away from the area and out of the system. Massage also helps the body to produce more endorphins, which are its own painkilling hormones.

Mental and emotional benefits also stem from therapeutic massage, which helps our patients prevent injury and illness in the future. Due to increased relaxation and reduced pain, patients have reported that their sleeping patterns have improved, which is very important for the recovery process. This overall improvement has also been shown by several scientific studies to boost immune system function.

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