Neck and Shoulder Pain

Get Neck Pain Relief from Your Yorkville Chiropractor

Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville can help you achieve neck pain relief, starting today. Neck and shoulder issues are incredibly common, but you don't have to just live with them. Many treatments are available from your Yorkville chiropractor and the right combination of treatments can prove extremely effective.

Neck and shoulder pain can come from a number of causes. Acute injuries, such as those obtained while playing sports or being in a car accident, can be different from chronic injuries. Chronic injuries are often caused by long-term situations, such as poor ergonomics at work or poor posture in general. Some chronic injuries are the result of acute injuries that didn't heal correctly.

neck and shoulder pain

Diagnosing your neck or shoulder issue is a matter of speaking to you about your symptoms and performing some hands-on tests. These may include manipulations by our doctor, in order to see which motions cause pain or where you might have restricted movement, and technological tests such as our Digital Motion X-ray (DMX). DMX is a new technology that allows doctors to see x-ray images of your neck or shoulder while you are performing the motions that cause you pain.

Treatment for Shoulder and Neck Pain Relief

Treatment for shoulder and neck pain relief varies depending on the type of injury you have. Acute injuries may benefit from ice, anti-inflammatories and rest before other treatments are started. Chronic pain treatment usually dives right in with options such as massage, strengthening and flexibility exercises, and spinal decompression.

Some of the most valuable treatment we can offer you is expert advice about how you can help yourself.

Exercise regimen. Your doctor at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville can help tailor a plan of exercises that you can do at home to improve your neck or shoulder pain. Along with these exercises, lifestyle adjustments can be very important. If your posture is poor, we can help you correct it. If you don't always know what will trigger your pain, we can help you figure out which movements need to be avoided until you are more healed.

Massage therapy is an important technique for reducing pain quickly. Most people know that soft tissue injuries respond well to massage. Skeletal issues often respond just as well, though, because a lot of the pain comes from muscles being over-stretched or tightened in the area. Pain relief can make a big difference when it comes to you being able to do the necessary exercises to improve your neck or shoulder for good.

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If you're living with neck and shoulder pain, you don't have to be. You also don't have to jump right into drastic measures like surgery just to get shoulder and neck pain relief. Come to Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville, your Yorkville chiropractor, and let us help you. Our phone number is 630-553-2111. Call today!