Neck and Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatment From Our Chiropractor

Every single day with nearly everything that we do, our shoulders are usually involved. From playing with your grandkids to taking out the garbage, we use our shoulders quite often. That being said, it’s very common to see shoulder pain from time to time. But if this pain feels extreme and doesn’t go away after a week or so, then you may have a more serious problem on your hands. If you’re dealing with this pain and you’re looking for effective treatment, then be sure to give Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville a call today! Located in Yorkville, IL, we treat those in the entire surrounding area. We understand how annoying this pain can be, so we’re here to take away the pain for good. Keep reading to learn about the common shoulder problems out there, including how to contact us for reliable treatment. 

Shoulder Pain Treatment From Our Chiropractor

Common Shoulder Problems

From cleaning your room to writing essays, shoulder pain can come from many different angles. However, by not treating this pain, you’re only doing more harm for your body. Be sure to seek professional care if you’re dealing with this issue. Check out the common shoulder problems to look out for:

Rotator Cuff Tear

While this shoulder injury usually happens to baseball players, football players, and those who throw quite often, it can really happen to anyone. In fact, this injury can be caused by everyday activities like walking the dog. Our shoulders work effectively because there are tissues that connect muscles to tendons around the joint of the shoulder. When one of these tissues tears, you have a rotator cuff injury. Symptoms can include extreme pain, joint stillness, and severe tenderness.


This is a very common shoulder condition and older people are more prone to developing it. Arthritis in the shoulder involves the inflammation of joints, which can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. As our bodies get older and see more wear and tear, arthritis can get worse. Symptoms include intermittent pain, stiffness in the joints, and decreased range of motion.

Shoulder Separation

Our shoulders stay in place when our collarbone is connected to our shoulder blade. When our shoulder becomes separated, this joint that connects the two becomes out of place. This joint is called the acromioclavicular (AC) joint. When this becomes separated, it's usually caused by an extreme blow to the shoulder or a hard fall that causes this displacement. When this issue happens, pushing it back into place works effectively; however, we recommend having a professional handle this treatment for you.

We Have a Chiropractor Here for Your Needs!

Shoulder injuries are very common, but they can be extremely painful and discomforting. For treatment for just about any kind of shoulder injury, our experienced chiropractor is here to help! Located in Yorkville, IL, Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville carries a wide variety of incredible chiropractic services that are focused on your specific needs. Make an appointment with our team today