Massage Therapy FAQs

Yorkville Massage Therapy FAQs

Massage can be a powerful tool for managing pain, improving your overall health and enhancing your sense of well-being. The power of touch is truly transformative! At Advanced Physical Medicine, our licensed massage therapists have more than a decade of experience providing massage therapy as a natural complement to chiropractic care and physiotherapy for pain management and injury rehabilitation.

Wondering whether massage therapy is the right choice for your health needs? If so, it’s natural to have questions about how massage therapy works, what to expect during a treatment session, and how to get started. Below, our Yorkville wellness team answers five of the most frequently asked questions about massage therapy.

How does massage therapy help manage pain?

Massage offers several important pain management benefits. The simple act of massaging sore muscles helps to release the buildup of lactic acid from within these muscles and improve circulation. Better circulation delivers oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the muscles, helping to reduce inflammation and speed the healing process while removing toxins and injury byproducts. Additionally, massage helps relieve tension that can become trapped within the muscles. After an injury, our muscles can become tight and tense; massage releases this trapped tension, restoring a fuller range of mobility to the body.

What types of massage are offered at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville?

Our licensed massage therapists offer a variety of massage styles including deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, sports massage and pregnancy massage. Whether you are in pain following a recent injury, are struggling with chronic back pain or neck pain, or simply need a massage to relax and de-stress, our talented massage therapists are here to help.

What should I expect from a massage treatment?

If this is your first time visiting Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville, our massage therapist will begin the appointment with short wellness assessment. This is an opportunity for you to describe the pain or injury problems you are experiencing and discuss your treatment goals. If you are already receiving chiropractic care or physiotherapy at our practice, our chiropractor or physical therapist will work closely with our massage therapists to coordinate your care. Our goal with treatment is to not only relieve pain, but also to enhance all aspects of your well-being.

What conditions does massage therapy treat?

Massage therapy is appropriate for a variety of pain conditions, including back pain, neck pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain, and leg pain. Many of our patients are surprised to discover that by treating one part of the body, like the neck, we are able to release tension in other parts, too, like the upper shoulders or jaw. Following a treatment session, patients often report they feel less stress and can sleep better at night.

How do I get started with massage therapy?

You do not have to be a current patient in order to book a massage therapy appointment. Simply call our Yorkville wellness center at (630) 239-7284 to schedule your appointment today!