Upper Back Pain

Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville Offers Help For Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain can be an annoying problem that interferes with your daily life. Whether it is a result of injury or daily actions, chiropractic care offers a number of techniques to relieve discomfort and improve function. At Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville in Yorkville, IL, we can help relieve chronic upper back pain that interferes with your normal activities.

Symptoms of Upper Back Pain

Understanding Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain is any discomfort that affects the neck structures and extends to the middle of the back. This area includes the cervical vertebrae of the spine and can involve muscles, nerves and the discs that cushion the individual bones.

Causes of Upper Back Pain

Muscle strain is a common cause of upper back pain that may be incurred due to repetitive motions or working at tasks above shoulder level. Poor posture often results in discomfort in this area of the spine. Herniated discs in the upper spine can also cause pain. A fracture of the vertebra or osteoarthritis can lead to upper back pain. Myofascial pain that involves the covering of connective tissue of the muscles can also cause chronic discomfort.

Chiropractic Care Can Help

Manual adjustment can realign the structures of the upper spine to provide relief from pressure on muscles and nerves. Heat and ice packs can relieve discomfort and reduce inflammation of tissues. Corrective exercise is an important factor in strengthening the upper back for better function. Electrical stimulation and massage therapy can relieve discomfort and improve flexibility. If necessary, spinal decompression can be used to gently separate the vertebrae to relieve pressure on spinal discs.

Preventing Upper Back Pain and Stiffness

Ergonomic changes, both at work and at home, can help to reduce upper back pain. Paying attention to your posture throughout the day can also help prevent discomfort. If you sit at your desk throughout the day, get up and move around periodically. Include daily exercise to keep your body fit and to manage weight.

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