upset driver whiplashAmong the many reasons people seek the services of a car accident chiropractor, whiplash remains one of the most common complaints. This serious collection of problems affecting the cervical spine is caused by the extreme forces conveyed to the body in an auto accident. If you're suffering from severe neck pain, headaches and other whiplash symptoms, then you need to talk to our car accident chiropractor at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville. Dr. Brian Berkey can provide you with diagnostic and treatment options you need to heal from your injuries and enjoy life again.

Whiplash Symptoms and Solutions in Yorkville

Whiplash gets its name from the sharp, high-velocity motion of a whip -- a very similar motion to what the head and neck experience in an automotive impact. Even if hit an object (or it hits you) at a relatively slow speed, the forces generated by the collision can be considerable. Even if you are securely strapped into your seat, the forces are still transferred to your body in ways that can prove detrimental to your musculoskeletal health. Your head may fly forward even if your trunk is restrained, with the weight of the skull driving the forward momentum. A rebound action then occurs, throwing the head forcefully backward.

This rapid sequence of events wreaks havoc on your cervical body, creating misalignments and allowing vertebral discs to herniate or "slip." This dislocation can put pressure on the cervical nerve roots. As a result, your hands, arms, neck or shoulders may experience:

  • Shooting pains
  • Tingling or "pins and needles" sensations
  • Numbness
  • Muscle weakness and atrophy

Whiplash symptoms also extend to the soft tissue damage that occurs in an automobile accident. All that whipping back and forth can strain muscles and connective tissues throughout the neck, shoulders and upper back, producing stiffness and pain that make it impossible for you to turn or tilt your head. A cervical misalignment can also put pressure on the muscles, membranes and nerves at the base of the skull, causing vision problems, headaches and migraines.

Whiplash Treatment from Our Auto Accident Chiropractor

Our auto accident chiropractor at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville can rescue you from the agony of whiplash. Prompt administration of x-ray and other diagnostic techniques can help us evaluate the state of your cervical spinal column, if only to rule out a lurking misalignment. If you're already experiencing whiplash symptoms, we will discuss them with you and perform a spinal screening to determine the best course of action.

Chiropractic adjustment is a natural, non-invasive way to correct the nerve impingement and spinal misalignment caused by your auto accident. Spinal decompression is also used to treat herniated or slipped discs, relieving nerve root pressure. Our auto accident chiropractor may also prescribe massage therapy to promote soft tissue healing and relieve pain. Physical therapy from our experienced team can then help your neck regain its strength and range of motion.

Contact our car accident chiropractor today -- and stop suffering!