Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Treatment From Our Chiropractor in Yorkville

At Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville, our team works hand-in-hand with patients experiencing the pain of all types. Finding back pain relief is one of the most common needs of our patients. Yet, many don’t recognize the underlying cause of their pain or the advanced treatment options available through their chiropractor in Yorkville. If you’ve been diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis, now is the time to seek out care from our experienced team.

lumbar spinal stenosis

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Symptoms

Lumbar spinal stenosis is a condition in which there is a narrowing of the spaces in the spinal column. This causes pressure to be placed on the spinal cord and the nerve roots. It can impact the quality of life of any individual causing pain sensations on a regular basis. Common symptoms of this condition include:

  • The condition can cause pain that seems to come and go, often not continuous pain
  • It generally worsens when performing activities such as walking or standing upright for longer periods of time
  • Resting, such as sitting or lying down tends to help
  • Leg pain is a typical symptom of lumbar spinal stenosis

For those with this condition, sitting or leaning forward helps to open up the spinal canal by stretching the ligament forward, reducing the pain.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Causes

This condition can impact many people. In some cases, the narrowing of the canal – in which the spinal cord passes – is genetic. Some people are born with it and others develop it over time just due to hereditary factors. In other people, the condition is acquired. In some cases, it is brought on by inflammation and structural changes that occur as a part of the aging process. This is a degenerative condition. It can also be caused by:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Tumors of the spine
  • Any type of trauma to the spine

Non-Surgical Treatments for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Many people who suffer from this condition can get back pain relief without having surgery. This should always be one of the first steps you take to find relief. We may recommend treatment such as the following:

Physical therapy: The goal here is to reduce the pain present by moving the body in the way it is supposed to move. This can reduce pressure and improve overall range of motion.

Spinal adjustments: The use of chiropractic adjustments can help to properly align the spinal column again, reducing the pressure and inflammation present.

Non-invasive spinal decompression: This condition can benefit from spinal decompression as well, a process that helps to reduce the pain caused by the downward pressure on the spinal column.

We may also recommend massage therapy, injections, and nutritional support. Each patient is given a customized treatment plan to address his or her underlying cause of pain.

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