Doctor's Weight Loss Solution

Weight Loss Solutions

At Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville, our team understands the importance of overall body health and how it correlates with the well-being of your spine, neck, and legs. If you are carrying around extra pounds, it can have a negative effect on your overall body and mind. We provide Doctors Weight Loss Solution™ which is an FDA approved and medically assisted revolutionary program created by doctors, psychologists, and dieticians that provides tons of support to help you change your weight and lifestyle. Our team is committed to providing our patients with top quality weight loss solutions to help them live healthy lives.


Doctors Weight Loss Solution 

Doctors Weight Loss Solution is a program that provides weight loss solutions through a range of products and services. This includes weight loss advice that teaches you how to lose weight and how to keep those pounds off. It is a quick, safe, and affordable program that is customized for you by utilizing comprehensive body analysis, blood testing, body hormones analysis, clinical nutrition and counseling, weekly lifestyle modification classes, and medically supervised exercise therapy. We also offer weight loss medication and appetite suppressants through prescription-only and prepackaged food that makes it easier for patients utilizing the program.

How Weight Loss Solutions Help

Doctors Weight Loss Solution program helps to speed up your metabolism to burn fat and calories faster and is led by board-certified, qualified, and experienced medical and chiropractic physicians. Our team strives to provide you with the tools you need to achieve and maintain weight loss to live a better and healthier lifestyle. Losing weight is not just about fitting into a smaller size of jeans, it is about achieving overall health and well-being. When you exercise, endorphins are released into your body giving you more energy throughout your day and having a positive effect on your brain. Our program will help you achieve lasting weight loss that will teach you how to stay on track and maintain your weight loss and fitness goals.

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We offer a free consultation, so we can learn what specific treatment options will work best for you. We offer a range of different weight loss solutions making each program unique to the patient. Our team is here to help you lose weight and learn how to keep it off. If you are in need of weight loss help or simply want to learn more about this program, we encourage you to make an appointment with our team at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville today!