Doctor's Weight Loss Solution

Doctors Weight Loss Solution is a revolutionary program created by doctors, psychologists and dieticians that provides support, support and more support to help you change your lifestyle and maintain your weight loss. YOU and YOUR needs:

Our program is quick, safe, affordable and customized to:

  • Comprehensive Body Analysis
  • Blood and Hormone Analysis
  • Clinical Nutrition and Counseling
  • Weekly Lifestyle Modification Classes
  • Medically Supervised Exercise Therapy
  • Prescription Weight Loss Medication
  • Prepackaged Food for Ease and Convenience

All led by board certified, qualified and experienced medical and chiropractic physicians.

Call to schedule a FREE qualifying consultation to learn about your treatment options and cost of the program.

Not everyone will qualify for this program or for all components of the program. Additional information will not be given over the telephone. You must schedule a free qualifying consultation with the doctor. Depending on your pain condition, your insurance may cover some or most of the program. You will be given the program requirements and specifications in addition to an estimated cost for the program during your free consultation. This information is not possible to give over the phone.


I was skeptical about chiropractic medicine almost my whole life. Then my husband told me about APMY's DWLS and I also had chronic back and neck pain for years. I decided to give it a try 6 months ago and I can not express my satisfaction to my results. Within a month my neck and back pain have disappeared. Before APMY I couldn't stand or sit for longer than 20 minutes before pain set in. After a month of PT, I could sit or stand for over an hour and a half before the slightest pain occurred and just by stretching a few minutes my pain would vanish! In my first month I lost 8# and 6 inches overall! After 6 months of DWLS, I have lost 20# and 12 inches overall and have gained muscle tone, endurance and stamina! I would and have recommended APMY to my family and friends. They also treat my daughter and she loves coming here! Thank you APMY to Dr Berkey, Dr Malik and the whole staff! You're all great!

~Shirley Fergus

When I first signed up for the Dr. weight loss program I had pain in my foot and my knees. I was a little skeptical at first. I have tried pill after pill to lose weight, and I would lose 15-20# and gain it back. I could never keep it off! After starting the Dr weight loss program at APMY, I started feeling more energized and more mobile. The staff at APMY have shown me how to stretch and work out the right way so I have had better results. I look forward to working out and am motivated to push myself further. I received physical therapy on my knee and foot and am a month into my therapy, I have not had any pain for weeks and it feels great. I feel better about myself and APMY staff has helped me get on the right path to a very healthy life. I have told everyone I know about APMY and the great start they gave me. Danna Roe

My back pain went away in about 3 treatments. The weight loss program is working very good for me. Every one of the staff is very friendly and helpful. I hope I can maintain my goal to lose 50# with your help. It's been great so far for me. I would recommend it to other people. 

~Ken Rogers

I have been overweight for about 20 years. In the last 5 months my health has really been compromised. I came here to lose weight and start getting my life back. I have type 2 diabetes. I also suffer from plantar fasciitis, and I have severe bone spurs in both feet. I have been steadily losing weight, about 25 pounds in a little over 3 months. My feet are feeling better than they have for a long time. I now like to go shopping and walking the mall with my family. I'm really looking forward to losing more weight and walking the coastline in Florida in July. Mostly, I'm just feeling better! Thanks! Dawn Stockwell

I originally came to APMY for treatment of lower back pain. The weight loss program was suggested to me. I was very nervous at first when I started the weight loss program. I was worried the food would be horrible (typical diet food) and that the physical therapy would be very difficult. I was pleasantly surprised with the program once I started it. The food was very good and the physical therapy was challenging but also fun and enjoyable. I always looked forward to my physical therapy at APMY. It was a time when I could focus on bettering myself. I am very happy with the results from APMY. 

~Larissa Lunsford