Auto Accident Injuries

Yorkville Auto Injury Treatment

Yorkville auto injury treatment for whiplash and neck pain

A car accident can affect the people involved in more ways than you might expect. These everyday occurrences, even the relatively minor ones, can cause considerable difficulties for drivers and passengers, including whiplash, disc damage, nerve damage and other health issues. If you have a sprained, strained or otherwise damaged neck or back because of an auto accident, you might assume that you need to undergo surgery to correct the problem. Before you commit to such an approach, however, bear in mind that chiropractic care and physical therapy can treat many Yorkville auto injury cases safely and successfully without making a single incision.

Even a "mild" auto accident can influence the alignment of the spinal column. Cars and trucks transfer considerable force to each other even at low speeds. You may get bumped by another vehicle and, after the initial jostling, feel lucky to have escaped uninjured. Unfortunately, your self-evaluation may be premature. Damage to the spinal column can be so subtle that it does not even hurt until days or weeks later. This is why you should always have a chiropractor check your back and neck immediately after an accident whether you feel pain or not.

What kind of damage does an auto injury typically include? Sudden jolts to the spine can cause the vertebrae to shift out of their normal alignment. Whiplash is a good example. The force of the accident throws your head backwards, and then the restraint from your shoulder harness rebounds your head backward again. This double strain against the neck can create misalignments between cervical vertebrae, ligament damage in the neck and damage to the vertebral discs. This even happens at collision speeds as slow as 5 MPH.  The safety belt may restrain the different sides of the torso unevenly as you are pushed forward from the impact, allowing for possible spinal compressions, disc herniations, headaches, and back pain. Misaligned vertebrae can also put undue pressure on nerves, causing uncomfortable impingements.

Advanced Treatment in Yorkville

Yorkville chiropractic care for auto injury patients

Here, at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville, we not only bring significant relief to people suffering acute pain from an auto injury, but we can also diagnose small misalignments that could contribute to bigger issues later. Our chiropractic physician, Dr. Brian Berkey, has undergone advanced, extensive training in auto accident treatment in his studies with the renowned Dr. Arthur Croft at the Spine Research Institute of San Diego -- the same Dr. Croft who is frequently consulted on auto safety issues by the National Highway Institute. 

We employ advanced techniques to pinpoint your misalignment and manipulate the bones back into place, allowing soft tissues and nerves to heal. We have diagnostic equipment such as digital motion x-ray to be able to accurately diagnose ligament laxity and injuries.  We are one of only a few medical clinics in Illinois to have such advanced equipment.  Since Dr. Berkey has experienced injuries first hand from an auto crash, he knows what you may be going through and the long-term effects of those injuries.  We can even design a personalized physical therapy routine to help the healing process along. We accept workers compensation, personal injury, auto accident, and PPO insurance plans such as Medicare, BCBS, Great West, Humana, Aetna, United Healthcare, and others.

If you suffer headaches, neck or back pain, or if you have just experienced an auto accident, contact our Yorkville office today. Call us at (630) 553-2111.