Shoulder Injury from Auto Accident

How a Yorkville Chiropractor Can Assist With Shoulder Pain

When Yorkville residents are looking for the necessary medical assistance in the wake of an auto accident, Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville is here to help. We take a holistic approach to medicine and our integrative methods are designed to provide the best care possible. A wide range of healing modalities is available, allowing you and your chiropractor to choose the method that works best for your needs. 


Shoulder Pain Assistance: How We Can Help Yorkville Residents

When it comes to the skills that our experienced health and wellness team can display, you will see that you are in the best hands. The care that we have to offer is second to none. The health and wellness professionals that we have on hand can provide care on a personalized basis.

Our chiropractors are supported by staffers that are equally dedicated to your recovery. When you are experiencing shoulder pain after an auto accident, you may need access to a wide range of services. We will combine the methods that you need to regain optimal function and enhance your quality of life. 

What Skills Does Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville Have To Offer?

Physical Therapy

If physical therapy is required, individualized therapeutic programs are created that are based on the patient's specific needs. The rehabilitation that is offered by Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville will have you back in top condition as soon as possible. Ultrasound, moist therapy and neuromuscular re-education are also available here. 

Physical Rehabilitation

Massage therapy and exercise are offered to any patient who will benefit from them. The corrective exercises that are provided by our experienced chiropractors are designed to restore optimal function and keep the patient from having future issues. If you are struggling to regain a wider range of motion after an auto accident and your shoulder pain is to blame, massage therapy can offer natural pain relief. 

Advanced Diagnostics

Thanks to our state of the art diagnostic equipment, we can diagnose any issue that is taking place. Once we have obtained a detailed understanding of the shoulder pain that you are experiencing, we will understand any underlying problems that are causing your symptoms.

Top-Notch Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractors can identify complications that are taking place with the patient's musculoskeletal alignment. Is soft tissue sprain causing problems? Spinal adjustments can target the area in question. Normal joint alignment and function are restored when you place yourself in the hands of our experienced chiropractors. 

When experiencing shoulder pain as the result of an auto accident, be sure to call (630) 239-7284 and visit Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville. Our team of experienced chiropractors and medical personnel are on hand at all times, ready and waiting to help people in the Yorkville, IL area.