Doctor's Weight Loss Solution FAQs

Doctor's Weight Loss Solution FAQ

What Makes Your Program Different Than All the Others?

Our program combines the knowledge of a medical doctor with the perspective of a physical therapist and a chiropractic physician. This helps patients like you successfully lose weight by combining the chemical, physical and psychological responses that will assist or block your weight loss efforts. This program includes behavior and lifestyle modification classes to support you every step of the way, helping you exercise and eat in a way to help you keep off the unwanted weight.

There are no gimmicks in this program. Every part of our proven program is dedicated to help create body transformations, eliminate depression, stabilize blood sugar and lower blood pressure for our patients. As your team of dedicated physicians, we are committed to your success.

Do I Have to Use Prepackaged Food?

No. Our weight loss program does not require you to eat prepackaged food, but many of our patients are able to achieve a higher success rate when they use the prepackaged food in addition to the rest of the program.

Each prepackaged meal is specifically prepared by physicians to help facilitate healthy weight loss. We have found that providing patients with convenient, nutritious and properly portioned meals helps them eat well, even while they are in the midst of their busy lives.

Will My Insurance Cover the Weight Loss Program?

Every insurance policy differs on the benefits covered. Our free consultation is the perfect way for you to get you individualized plan and determine your insurance coverage. Many of our patients find their insurance offers excellent coverage of this program. Some insurance companies that don’t typically cover weight loss programs have even been willing to cover our program. Our team will determine your eligibility for coverage and help you understand what costs you would be responsible for.

Who Provides the Medication?

Our medical doctor is board certified in internal medicine and will be managing all weight loss medication used for your program. She will conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure you are a candidate for the medication, offering helpful alternatives if you are not.

What is the Average Amount of Weight Lost by Patients on the Program?

We expect nearly all of our patients to lose at least 30 pounds during the three months they are on the program.

How Long Have You Used This Program?

Advanced Physical Medicine has been providing this weight loss guidance to patients since 2003.

What is the Long-Term Success Rate for the Weight Loss of Your Patients?

Every patient is different. This program will supply you with all of the tools you need to maintain long-term success. Most of our patients are able to keep most, if not all, of the lost weight off.

What if I don’t Want a Food and Exercise Program?

We also have a shorter version of our weight loss program that only includes the medication and medical management aspects. This program has less supervision per week and is appealing to some patients because it achieves weight loss results without disrupting their lifestyle.

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