Low Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower back pain makes it difficult to perform daily activities without discomfort. When lower back pain strikes, finding treatment is usually desired. Contacting Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville to meet with our Yorkville chiropractor is an option to consider for relief. Read over the following information to learn why lower back pain happens, how to alleviate symptoms, and what chiropractic care does to help.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Why People Suffer From Back Pain

There are many scenarios that cause lower back pain to occur. It is often the result of vehicular accidents or personal injury situations. Those who use poor ergonomic procedures on the job could suffer from lower back pain as a result. Poor posture will stretch the lower back ligaments, causing pain to settle into this region of the body. Lifting heavy items with the back instead of the legs causes pain in this part of the body as well.

How To Relieve The Symptoms Of Lower Back Pain

When you start to feel pain in your lower back, it is best to stop any strenuous activity so your body has a chance to heal. Continuing with movements can cause the problem to become more intense and could also lead to other injuries in the body. Simple stretches can provide relief, however, it is best to refrain from continuing them if the pain does not subside right away as movement may exacerbate symptoms.

In addition to stopping any strenuous activity, the application of warmth on the area where the pain is felt can help it to subside. Taking a warm bath or shower or using a heating pad for twenty-minute on-off increments will increase blood flow around the spine, helping the area to heal.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Heal Lower Back Pain

Making an appointment for chiropractic care can be extremely beneficial at reducing pain in the back effectively and promptly. Our practitioner will conduct a series of tests to determine the intensity of pain in your back as well as the movement restriction in place. They will then provide a gentle hands-on approach in the form of spinal manipulation. Spinal adjustments greatly reduce stress upon joints, allowing for unrestricted blood flow and enhancement of healing. Many people discover pain is not as intense after just one spinal adjustment.

Chiropractic care includes the use of massage and physical therapy. Our practice only uses non-invasive procedures to provide relief when lower back pain is an issue.

Contact Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville to make an appointment with our chiropractor if you are in need of relief from a lower back pain problem. Reach out to our practice by calling us at (630) 553-2111 for more information about our services.