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Injuries, accidents, and aging, as well as various musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis, result in discomfort and even chronic pain. Many of these conditions require treatment or management, as they will otherwise hamper your ability to perform your work or enjoy hobbies, exercise or sports activities. At Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville, we know all about these problems, sometimes from firsthand experience.

What Makes Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville Unique

If you’re looking for a chiropractor, there are plenty around. At our clinic, however, you can receive not only chiropractic treatment but physical therapy or conventional medical treatment. In addition, we have a rehabilitation specialist, two rehabilitation technicians, and a certified athletic trainer. In addition to the usual chiropractic and physical therapy strategies, we also have massage therapy. The combination of all of these services means we can treat a much broader range of problems than the typical chiropractor’s office.

Conditions We Treat

We can handle almost any musculoskeletal condition at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville. But we can also help you with obesity, lifestyle changes, physical conditioning, and stress management. Among the conditions we treat are:

Auto Accident Injuries – these might include whiplash, fractures or soft tissue trauma as well as changes in body mechanics to compensate for pain or disability.

Work Injuries – repetitive motion injuries lead the list in work-related injuries, but you might also have suffered a fall or a back injury related to lifting.

Disc herniation – this problem can result from heavy work, an injury or degeneration related to aging. The disc protrudes into the spinal canal and presses on the spinal cord, causing pain and neurological symptoms.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis – narrowing of the spinal canal causes pain and limits mobility.

Back Pain – pain can occur in any area of the spine from injury, poor posture or degenerative problems.

Sciatica – pain radiating down one or both legs, this typically results from misalignment or injury to the low back. It can also produce numbness and tingling in the legs.

Neck Pain – technology often plays a part in this condition, as “tech neck” can result from spending hours in front of a computer or using a hand-held device. Texting can also cause wrist and finger as well as arm pain.

Shoulder Pain – most often caused by an injury such as a fall or from repetitive motion.

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If you suffer from any kind of pain or disability, please contact Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville at (630) 239-7284. Located at 207 Hillcrest Avenue, Suite A, we can help you get back on your feet after an accident, relieve chronic pain, lose weight, reduce stress or become more physically fit. Our extended hours make scheduling easy and we will do our best to meet your appointment needs.