Auto Accident Spinal Injuries

Auto Accident Spinal Injuries in Yorkville, IL

Being involved in an auto accident in Yorkville, IL is the last thing you want to happen to you. However, when your auto accident causes you to suffer from a spinal injury, it can be terrifying. After all, you do not want to end up paralyzed or partially immobile for the rest of your life. Thankfully you can get treatment at our chiropractor for spinal pain that does not involve back surgery or pain killing drugs. Find out how Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville and our chiropractors can assist you.

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How Common are Spinal Injuries for Auto Accident Victims

Spinal injuries are quite common following a car crash, primarily because of the severe impact of the accident. When your body is put through that sort of pressure it creates an unnatural movement within your musculoskeletal system. One of the most common issues we see happening to the spine as a result of an auto accident is a herniated disc. This is due to the pressure of the impact that cracks your discs in your spinal column.

Keep in mind herniated discs and similar spinal injuries are not life threatening or as scary as having a severed spinal column, which results in paralysis. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that most likely your back pain and spine injury is not severe and can be remedied effectively using chiropractic care. 

Most Common Types of Spinal Injuries 

As noted the most common spinal injury we treat patients from auto accidents is the herniated disc injury. When the spinal vertebrae’s outer shell is cracked during the force of the accident, this allows the inner disc to herniate through the crack. This herniation or bulging disc often happens after inflammation also caused by the accident. You can also experience low back pain due to torn back muscles, which is also treatable by our chiropractors at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville, IL.

Best Ways to Treat Spinal Injuries

Chiropractic care is the optimal treatment for spinal injuries associated with an auto accident injury. This is because we can treat your spinal injury without having to perform back surgery, which can be dangerous. Also, our use of chiropractic care for pain relief for spine injuries ensures you will not need to depend on drugs to mask your back pain. We use a holistic approach that includes spinal decompression and chiropractic adjustments. Our chiropractor for spinal pain will get at the source of your injury for all-natural treatment and healing. 

Find a Chiropractor for Back Pain After a Car Accident

If you are looking for a Yorkville, IL chiropractor for back pain after a car accident we want to assist you. At Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville, our chiropractors offer comprehensive treatments and pain management solutions. Contact our office at (630) 553-2111 to schedule an appointment. Ask about our new patient specials if this is your first time seeing our chiropractors.