Disc Herniation

Manage Your Disc Problems at Our Yorkville Chiropractic Clinic

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If you’re suffering from a slipped disc for the first time, or have known the chronic pain associated with this condition for months or even years, it’s time to take that pain seriously. When you come to Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville, we certainly take it seriously, offering you expert examinations, thorough treatment modalities, and conscientious follow-ups to ensure your health and comfort for life.

Here at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville, we offer the range of treatments needed to address disc pain and in many cases, heal it entirely. Our customizable solutions take into account the variety of causes of disc pain, as well as your unique bodily structure, so each treatment plan is customized to the individual for maximum success.

Common Disc Problems and Their Symptoms

Discs are the small, round structures that sit between each vertebra. Filled with a jelly-like fluid, these act as cushioning devices, promoting spine flexibility and preventing vertebrae from rubbing against one another. When your discs rupture or herniate – becoming “slipped” or “prolapsed” discs – the result can be excruciating. Degenerative disc diseases cause many of the same problems, with discs collapsing and no longer doing their spine-supporting jobs. The symptoms of disc problems include:

  • Reduced spinal mobility and elasticity
  • Radiating or localized pain in the upper cervical region, lower spine, buttocks, legs, shoulders and more
  • Tingling and numbness
  • Burning sensations
  • Sciatica symptoms

Symptoms range from merely uncomfortable to fully debilitating and can get worse over time if left untreated.

A Wide Range of Slipped Disc Treatments

Luckily, we have a wide range of slipped disc treatment modalities at our disposal. When you come to us for disc pain, we’ll put the full range of treatments to work for you, including manual adjustments, spinal decompression, massage and physical therapy, lifestyle advice and more. Our slipped disc treatment recommendations may be solo or combined with one another for increased effectiveness.

Get in Touch with a Chiropractor for Bulging Disc Care

A good chiropractor for bulging disc care will not simply offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, they will work carefully with you to provide the proper disc care, reducing pain while minimizing the chances that you will suffer a relapse. When you get in touch with our chiropractor for bulging disc care, we apply our treatments carefully, assessing how well they’re working for you before continuing, adding treatments or changing course.

With proper care, your discs can heal entirely, eliminating symptoms altogether. If this isn’t possible, we’ll do our best to provide the utmost pain relief for life.

Get Top Quality Herniated Disc Treatment in Yorkville Today

If you’re ready to find top quality herniated disc treatment to relieve your pain and reduce the chances of a relapse, it’s time to get in touch with Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville. We take herniated disc treatment very seriously, customizing a treatment plan to your exact needs and following up with regular chiropractic care to ensure a continued pain-free or pain-reduced existence. Give us a call at (630) 239-7284 or request an appointment on our website today.