Work Hardening & Conditiong & FCE

Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville has recently expanded its work hardening/conditioning program and now utilizes over 6000 square feet and over $1 million of equipment. Our therapy center has been providing work hardening/conditioning services since 2003. Our work hardening/condition program is called:

E.X.C.E.L. (Experience Excellent Care for Employers & Laborers).

E.X.C.E.L. is a certified work hardening/conditioning center and has an 86% success rate of returning injured workers back to work without restrictions. This is one of the highest and most successful programs in the area. We have been able to accommodate laborers and professionals by replicating their job duties and confidently returning them back to work. The customized multidisciplinary program is based upon current research and utilizes clinicians and physicians that are certified in work hardening/conditioning. We have programs available for firefighters, police officers, delivery personnel, warehouse stockers, laborers (carpenters, iron workers, plumbers, roofers, municipality workers, etc.), and farm personnel. These programs have been developed using specific job descriptions providing the essential functions and critical demands. Each participant in E.X.C.E.L. will have an individualized program based upon their needs.

We first perform a Fit for Duty test in order to determine the percent of functional deficit. The Fit for Duty test is a significantly scaled down Functional Capacity Evaluation designed to efficiently and economically evaluate the participant’s physical capabilities. By comparing the participant’s current functional capacity to their listed job demands, we are able to provide their percent of job demands met (i.e. Participant has met 65% of their job demands.). Work hardening/conditioning treatment programs typically commence once the participant has achieved around 70% of their job demands. At that point, the participant will transition from a traditional outpatient therapy program to the E.X.C.E.L. program. Through our training and certification, we can confidently formulate an individualized treatment program identifying the number of weeks medically necessary to reach 100% of their job demands. A typical recommendation is 5 days/week for 3-8 weeks depending upon their Fit for Duty test results. Weekly evaluations are performed to determine the effectiveness of their program in addition to determine if continued treatment is medically necessary. Once the work hardening/conditioning program is complete, a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is commonly performed by one of our certified Functional Capacity Evaluators.

Our primary focus for the participant is to get them back to work without restrictions as quickly as possible. Our number one goal for the employer and worker’s compensation case managers is excellent communication with complete transparency.