Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain treatment

The Natural Approach to Neck Pain Treatment

When your neck suffers, many other aspects of your life, such as trying to find a comfortable sleeping position to simply turning your head, suffer as well. Degenerative issues, injuries, and postural problems can all affect the cervical spine as well as surrounding muscles and nerve tissues. Fortunately, drugs and surgery are not your only options for obtaining relief. Here at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville, we take a safer, more conservative approach by using chiropractic care and other techniques to provide natural neck pain treatment.

Underlying Causes of Neck Pain

The cervical spine may be the most fragile and vulnerable part of the spinal column, despite the fact that the neck must balance the weight of the head at all times. This structure is often pushed beyond its limits in an acute injury such as whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the considerable forces of a sudden stop (usually in an automobile accident) send the head ricocheting backward and forward. These sharp, sudden motions can dislocate the facet joints that articulate the cervical vertebrae, making normal joint motion impossible. Muscle strains and herniated discs may also figure into a neck injury, with the herniated discs pushing on nerve roots to cause both local and referred pain.

You don't have to injure your neck to experience neck pain. This problem commonly plagues individuals with chronic degenerative conditions such as bulging discs in the neck, which alter the amount of space between vertebrae and strain the facet joints. An upper cervical spinal misalignment can actually cause your head to sit slightly askew on your neck, creating subtle but cumulative muscle strain. Poor posture is yet another cause of neck pain. Many mobile device users, for instance, are in the habit of drooping their heads forward all the time, creating a form of neck pain known as "text neck."

Non-Surgical Solutions From Your Chiropractor in Yorkville

Whatever the cause of your neck pain, you are probably in no hurry to undergo risky major surgery. But drugs can only mask your pain for the moment, and they pose a risk of their own. Our three-chiropractor team at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville can treat your neck pain at the source by addressing the underlying cause. Your chiropractor in Yorkville can identify any vertebrae or disc abnormalities at the heart of your misery, administering targeted chiropractic adjustments to normalize your cervical alignment, relieve muscle strain and resolve joint stiffness.

Our team may recommend multiple types of natural neck pain treatment. For instance, non-invasive spinal decompression can treat bulging or herniated discs in the neck, while massage therapy reduces inflammation in injured neck muscles and physical therapy restores neck function and strength. We can even counsel you on lifestyle/postural changes to keep your neck healthy.

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