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  • Chiropractic Care for Knee Pain
    Knee pain can result from a variety of causes, and without treatment, it can quickly reduce your quality of life. Help is available through chiropractic care at Advanced Physical Medicine Read more
  • Common Questions about Curved Spines
    Our chiropractic services in Yorkville can be used to effectively treat you or your child’s curved spine. Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine. At Advanced Physical Medicine of Read more
  • How neck pain can cause headaches
    The Link Between Neck Pain And Headaches If you have ever experienced neck pain and headaches at the same time, there is a reason why. Though many people do not realize Read more
  • How Chiropractic Care Can Prevent Sports Injuries
    At Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville, our doctors, Dr. Farah Malik, Dr. Brian Berley, and Dr. Joseph Minardi, are experienced chiropractic specialists who help patients receive optimal health and wellness Read more
  • Common Causes of Sleep Apnea
    Quality sleep is vital to your overall health. Quality sleep improves your mood, boosts your immunity, reduces stress, and promotes optimal hormonal balance. Unfortunately, conditions like sleep apnea can affect Read more
  • Improving Your Metabolism to Boost Your Weight Loss
    Weight loss is a challenge for many people. Part of the reason is poor metabolic function. A poor metabolism makes it harder for the body to burn calories efficiently. This Read more
  • How can chiropractic help with your posture?
    Chiropractic Treatments for Posture Many of us were told as children that we should stand up straight. That dreaded demand is actually a good idea. Your posture can affect your body’s Read more
  • Why is physical therapy important after surgery?
    Why Is Physical Therapy Important After Surgery? Anytime you have surgery, even when it is considered minor surgery, it can leave your body weak, in pain, and immobilized. While we all Read more
  • How long after surgery do you start physical therapy
    Physical Therapy Physical therapy is an essential part of the healing process after any type of surgery. A chiropractor may give you a list of physical therapy exercises before your surgery. Read more
  • What is Massage Therapy Used For
    What Is Massage Therapy Used for? Many people have been turning to massage therapy for relief from injuries, chronic conditions, and daily life to help maintain wellness and health. Massage is Read more
  • 7 Symptoms of Arthritis in the Knee
    7 Symptoms of Arthritis in the Knee Knee arthritis is one of the leading causes of knee pain. There are different types of knee arthritis with the most common being osteoarthritis Read more
  • Does knee arthritis get worse?
    Knee Arthritis Overview Knee pain and stiffness are the most common telling signs of knee arthritis, which affects the normal functioning of the joint and may eventually cause disability if left Read more
  • Massage Therapy: What You Need To Know
    What Is Massage Therapy? Massage therapy is one of the types of chiropractic treatment that is used for treating different health conditions and disorders. In this article, we prepared for you Read more
  • Winter Weather and Joint Pain
    Winter Weather and Joint Pain Winter is just around the corner and unfortunately for those with arthritis, it usually means waking up with swollen joint ache and joint pain. Although you Read more
  • What Is Scoliosis?
    Chiropractic Care for Scoliosis Back Pain Scoliosis is a condition of the spine that can cause back pain, discomfort, and difficulty with certain movements. While the level of care it requires Read more