Why Choose Us?

Why us?  Easy one word answer.

F U N C T I O N 

But let us elaborate a bit anyway.

Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville will focus on correcting human ailments, muscular imbalances and joint restrictions due to anatomical abnormalities, injury, surgery, and other stressors with family practice, physical medicine, functional rehabilitation, and chiropractic manipulation.  Physical medicine is a healthcare specialty that deals with the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of impairments and injuries by primarily physical means including manipulation, rehabilitative exercises, massage, nutrition, and mechanical and physiological therapeutics.  Functional rehabilitation is the process of eliminating physical limitations, restoring activities of daily living, and preventing future injuries via the implementation of patient-specific therapeutic exercises. 

In other words, our primary focus is to combine various facets of medicine in order to provide maximum functional improvement for patients.  Our interdisciplinary team works with each patient to design a program that will help the patient resume his or her role as a productive, active member of society.