Herniated/Bulging Disc FAQ

Having a bulging or herniated disc in Yorkville can be a very painful experience. If you have questions about your condition or how to correct it, our chiropractic and medical team is here to offer answers. Please browse our herniated and bulging disc FAQs to find out more about how these conditions are treated to achieve pain relief.

For Your Reference: Yorkville Herniated/Bulging DiscFAQs

What is a disc?

The bones of your spine, known as vertebrae, are stacked on top one another like a deck of cards; this arrangement gives you a wide range of motion in your shoulders, back, waist, and hips. Discs act like rubbery shock absorbers between each vertebra. Each disc has a tough outer covering and is filled with a gelatinous substance.

What is a bulging disc and why does it hurt?

This simple query is one of our most common bulging disc FAQs. A bulging disc protrudes beyond its normal boundaries. The bulging disc can press against surrounding nerves to cause pain.

What is a herniated disc?

Our doctor says a disc is herniated when the disc’s tough outer shell ruptures and allows the gelatinous substance to leak and press against nearby nerves.

What causes a herniated or bulging disc?

The cause of herniated or bulging discs varies from patient to patient. Discs wear out with time and use. Repetitive motions, lifting and twisting can damage discs, as can injuries, bone spurs and degenerative conditions. Bulging and herniated discs cause pain and disability anywhere along your spine.

How does a doctor diagnose a herniated or bulging disc?

Your doctor will ask you about your health history, perform a thorough examination, and may suggest an MRI or CT to diagnose the cause of your back pain.

What is the treatment for a herniated or bulging disc?

This is another one of the most frequent herniated and bulging disc FAQs at our Yorkville office. In some cases, surgery may be required to repair herniated discs that cause total disability. In many other instances, physical therapy and chiropractic care reduces pain and dysfunction without the need for risky surgery or dangerous drugs.

How does chiropractic care treat the pain of bulging or herniated discs?

A chiropractor moves the bones of the spine into correct alignment, which relieves excess pressure on diseased or damaged discs. The chiropractors at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville may also prescribe non-surgical decompression treatment, a revolutionary new approach to treating herniated or bulging discs by creating extra space in a way that allows the disc to return to its normal position – without surgery or drugs. This therapy also reduces pressure on nearby nerves to relieve pain and improve mobility. Physical therapy through a chiropractor helps stabilize your spine and strengthen your core. Massage therapy works out muscle spasms. Your chiropractor might suggest a combination of treatments to optimize your recovery and promote healing.

Our chiropractor may also be able help you recover and improve the outcome of surgery, when necessary. Contact our chiropractor in Yorkville before surgery to learn more.

How do I learn more about chiropractic care for bulging or herniated discs?

Contact the chiropractic professionals at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville for more information. We provide chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage therapy and the advanced diagnostic and therapeutic resources you need to relieve pain and dysfunction associated with herniated and bulging discs.