Back Pain FAQ

5 Common Back Pain FAQs Answered by our Chiropractor in Yorkville

Back pain is likely to affect just about everyone at some point, and chiropractic care for people ranging in age from infants to seniors has become a highly sought out practice for those seeking holistic, natural solutions for pain and optimal wellness. Here are five common questions asked by patients seeking a chiropractor for back pain answered by our experienced and esteemed chiropractor in Yorkville.

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1. What typically causes back pain?

The spinal column is a complex combination of vertebrae surrounded by muscles, tendons and neural pathways that work in conjunction with the rest of the body. Because it’s used during most of your body’s motions, back pain is by far the most common complaint we see at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville is back pain. Acute back pain caused by auto, work or sports injuries and conditions caused by congenital and degenerative conditions are the most common sources of aching backs. Any type of spinal misalignment can actually cause pain throughout the body.

2. Are back aches always associated with spinal issues?

Typically, but not necessarily. For instance, individuals with pronated feet, a.k.a. ‘flat footed’ may suffer from poor foot balance. Ultimately, this condition can put a strain on your back muscles that rely on the feet for postural support. Orthotic supports along with chiropractic care can alleviate all kinds of back aches.

3. What does posture have to do with back pain?

During a postural screening, a chiropractor in Yorkville may have recommended a follow up due to spinal imbalances. Postural challenges are one of the most common causes of back and neck pain. Stress imbalances due to poor posture can cause muscle pain and strain, stiffness and spinal misalignments that can be resolved with chiropractic care.

4. Can chiropractic care really help me avoid surgery and pain medication?

Absolutely! We use manual and tool assisted spinal and extremity adjustments in concert with physiotherapy techniques such as spinal decompression, cold laser therapy and electric stimulation modalities to promote your body’s natural healing and pain-relieving abilities. Of course, certain serious injuries may require surgery, but our chiropractor for back pain can help you recover faster after surgical procedures and minimize inflammation and pain symptoms.

5. What exactly is sciatica?

Sciatica is actually a symptom rather than a condition. However, it’s a rather annoying one that often accompanies lower back pain due to lower lumbar injuries such as herniated discs that put pressure on the sciatic nerve. When impinged by spinal misalignments, one may feel a dull aching pain or sharp surges within the buttock and leg on the affected side of the body.

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