Weight Loss Lessons

Welcome and congratulations for joining our Doctor's Weight Loss Solution. Below you will find video links for your weekly lessons. Please enjoy the short videos and be ready to take some notes. Each video gives you advice on weight loss solutions and techniques providing the tools you need to reach your goals. If you have any questions, please make sure to ask at your next appointment. By working together, we can break through the challenges and road blocks to better health!

Lesson 1: Introduction and Preparation (4:46)

Lesson 2: Commitment (8:52)

Lesson 3: Nutritional Basics (15:36)

Lesson 4: Behavioral Formation (18:20)

Lesson 5: Exercise (7:35)

Lesson 6: Self Esteem (8:36)

Lesson 7: Behavioral Chains (15:11)

Lesson 8: You Feel The Way You Think (9:55)