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I came to APMY (Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville) with severe pain in my lower back. It was to the point that I could not work or sit comfortably. I thought that at age 32 it was just a pulled or strained muscle, but upon examination, turned out to be 3 compressed discs. It took several weeks on the DRX machine to see great results, but that was expected due to the extent of the disc injury. Everyone at APMY was more than helpful in getting my physical rehab process to the point where there is almost no pain and I can function as normal. I would recommend APMY because of their knowledgeable staff and determination to make me feel 100% better. Overall, it took 6 weeks to see significant results, but it was worth every penny. Thank you.

Ryan Schweitzer

My name is Jack Taxis and I had back pain for over 10 years and I have tried chiropractors in the past which worked for a short time then I was back to the same pain and very poor posture due to the pain. I was taking 1000mg Tylenol, 1000mg Aspirin and 1200mg Motrin all at one time 2-3 times a day to help control the pain in my back and the pain going down my legs and then the bottoms of my feet which began to get numb after standing in one position for 5 minutes or longer. I did not know what else to do other than surgery. Surgery was not an option, since the success rate is so low and if surgery worked in one specific area the bulging or another herniated disk would change locations and then I would be back to where I began with no improvement.

I had looked on the internet for suggestions and advice and spoke with a few doctors of this condition of mine. I was told of DRX 9000 treatments and I looked online to gather more information. I was surprised to get information of the DRX 9000 so close to my home in Sandwich. I looked it over online and spoke to some doctors whom I work with and with no outward negativity of the DRX 9000. I thought I would call Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville and make an appointment for a consult. This took me 2-3weeks to make an appointment due to the fact it would take a commitment from me and the cost of the procedure. It was a matter of time before my kidneys, liver, and stomach began to rebel from all the over the counter medicines I was taking. My daily habits had changed dramatically also, I could not go out and have fun anymore due to the pain and feeling sluggish. It was hard to walk over 2 minutes without pain, the only place I could get some relief was in bed and resting.

I made an appointment to see Dr. B. Berkey and I came with my MRI and questions for him as well. Some of my many questions for Dr. Berkey: when and if I could feel better and I was not looking for a cure, I just wanted some pain relief and a perfect posture. The time it would take, the cost and if there was any pain during or after the procedures. I was amazed on the time he spent with me, his honesty in telling me that due to my scoliosis my posture would not improve much if any. I did not want to hear this but he was honest and upfront to me, then I was given a tour of the office. One thing I did notice which was so different from other chiropractors was they offered physical rehab as well. I thought "oh no" rehab would be a pain and be hard to complete and I would lose motivation and not follow through. Prior to the appointment I thought I would do this but I was afraid as well. I am on a budget like everyone else and how could I afford this, but on the other hand could I afford not to do this either?

I began the DRX 9000 and the first day I thought "what have I got myself into?" When she strapped me into this "thing" I did not know if I was going skydiving or bungee jumping. I got onto the table and she began to tilt me back and hook me up to this monster machine. The DRX 9000 began and to my amazement there was no pain and I thought "this will never work". After a few treatments, I noted a lack of pain in my back and I was so impressed. I do not take Tylenol, Aspirin, or Motrin anymore. After each DRX 9000 treatment I was taken to another area where I was given electrical stimulation to my back (I thought no way, they are going to fry me). Then they applied ice to my back during the electrical stimulation. (The first time this occurred I thought no way they are going to apply electricity and frozen water, I will be electrocuted!) That did not occur either and it felt wonderful.

I completed my DRX 9000 treatments and then the rehab began. I was not looking forward to this at all. I was greeted by the staff once again. They have been so great and they make the exercises fun and interactive. This staff is so great and encourages each patient to well and praise you for a job well done. If you have troubles with exercises, they once again will get down on the mat with you and show how it needs to be done for the best results. There are always upbeat, kind, friendly, warm and with smiles. I cannot say enough positive about Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville. I feel great with no more back pain. I get around better, am in a better mood and enjoy life again. My posture is not great but I was told by Dr. Berkey my posture would not change due to my scoliosis. I did not want to hear this but he was honest from day one. The staff here is all honest and upfront, they will not lie to you or give you unrealistic hopes and dreams that cannot be achieved. I see Dr. A. Reyes on occasion for evaluations and changes in my treatments. He also is just as kind and spends time with patients. If I could change anything about my DRX 9000, adjustments, medical evaluations, and rehab it would be to have started sooner and not lived with the chronic pain for years. If I can be of assistance to anybody that is considering this treatment please do not hesitate to refer them to me for my views of DRX 9000 and treatments and the entire staff at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville

Jack Taxis

I only have 4 more sessions left at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville (APMY) and I will miss the entire staff a great deal. When I came to them, I was having lower back and neck pain which I have suffered with for several years. I also had numbness in both thighs. I really wanted and needed to lose a lot of weight too. I have been carrying around an extra 75 pounds for years. Another goal was to get off as much medication as possible.

The APMY total health concept is amazing--it just makes such good sense--they believe in treating the entire body to gain optimal health--and weight loss is part of that. I have experienced really good results. I have very little--if any--pain in my neck and lower back and my numbness is gone. I am down 21 pounds as of today and that is such a great beginning--this is my year--I am going to continue to work really hard to get healthy and lose all the excess weight yet this year using the knowledge the staff at APMY has given me. For the very first time--THE VERY FIRST TIME--I look forward to exercising. The entire staff is absolutely terrific. Each one adds something to my session when I am there. And humor and light conversation is always a part of each day. They make each one of us feel we are very special. I feel better than I have in over 25 years. Thanks to Everyone at APMY, I am really on my way to a healthier Me. God bless all of you--you are doing more good than you know. THANK YOU!!

Helen Kerr

My name is Lisa Brason ("46" yrs. old) and I started coming to Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville in September 2007. I had been having lower back apain and neck pain for about 6 months. I had found out by x-rays that I had a disc decaying in my lower back and my neck vertebrae were not curved the normal way...but were straight! I started with adjustments, the aquabed and therapy right away. The therapy I was receiving was helping extremely well and was painless. The doctors have cut my time from 3 times a week to 1 time a week of therpay and 1 time a week for my chiropractic adjustment. I am ahead of schedule for my recovery and very happy with all of the results. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable as well as helpful! I would recommend APMY to everyone. My husband is now coming here! Thank you all at APMY!

Lisa Branson

My lower back problem began about 11 years ago. I could only walk about 50 feet or stand for a few minutes before I would have lower back pain and my legs would become weak. I checked into having surgery and found that I had bulging discs. Everyone that I knew that had surgery still was having problems. So I made a decision to try the DRX 9000 Decompression procedures. That was the right choice for me. I can now walk a mile without pain and enjoy other things in my life that I had given up. So thanks to the staff at APMY for a job well done.

Larry Jackson

On a scale of 1-10 for pain...I was a 50. Mobility 0. I had a herniated disc in my L4&L5 region. First of all I would like to give a Huge thank you to all the Doctors, PT's and anyone who was involved in my recovery from my injury. In September of '06 I had jammed my lower back. For a month I was seeing my regular Chiropractor 3x a week to no avail. He recommended coming here (APMY) for more specific treatment. After my evaluation in November, I began my treatment of adjustments and PT. My progress was advancing but slower than what it should be. After 2 months they started me on the DRX 9000. Wow! What a difference! I couldn't believe the results I was getting. By the time I was done with the DRX, I felt I was 100%. I did PT for a few weeks following. Now I come in for maintenance and I do my PT at home. I highly recommend APMY to anyone. They are a professional and CARING group of people.

Jim Opgenorth

I have been fortunate enough to have been under chiropractic care for many years, however, I have never had pain like this-6 weeks ago I came into this office in tears. I wasn't able to sit or stand. A 10 minute car ride was intolerable. I had pain shooting down my leg and I was MISERABLE. I knew APMY could help me because strangely enough, my husband had been treated 6 months earlier for the exact same symptoms, except on the other side! It ended up being a bulged disc and immediately they began treatment and offered me reassurance. After 5 weeks on the DRX machine, I am probably 50-60% improved. I am so grateful to the APMY staff for their compassion and understanding. They have a great ability to let you know they care and want to help fix the problem. I am on my way to the next level of therapy and excited to be pain free soon. Thank you!

Marilee Opgenorth

I would say that my experience at APMY has been very good. The entire staff is very in tune with what you are going through. I had back surgery in 1998 to repair L4-L5. I was pain free for about 5 years and then just got worse. My L4-L5 area was damaged as bad or worse when I came to APMY in May. I could hardly get out of bed let alone do my job. I am 36 years old and tired of having a back problem. I was skeptical of the DRX system but I didn't want another back surgery. I decided to go through the program full speed. It was a painless process that took me from pain and numbness to working at 100%. I would recommend APMY to anyone that thinks back surgery is the only option.

William P. Erickson

I am 26 years old and I had seen two other doctors prior to APMY, and was desperately seeking help. For almost 2 months I was in the worst pain of my life!!! I was also very depressed! When I found out I had a herniated disc, bulging disc, and sciatica (along with suspected nerve damage) I was recommended to have surgery...seeking a non-surgical option me to APMY. It was the best move I've made. I am almost done with my DRX treatments and feel 99% cured! (and I haven't even started physical therapy yet!) After 3 weeks, I was back to work. The DRX is fact it was relaxing and felt good to get all that pressure off my disc. I can walk now, work, socialize, stand up straight without pain, get a full night's sleep and have hope for my future. Not to mention every member of the APMY staff was awesome! I recommend this procedure-most of all I recommend APMY!!! Seriously... try it!!

Corina Whittaker

When I first read the advertisement in the local newspaper regarding a non-surgical treatment for the back, sciatica, and leg pain, I immediately was interested. The article also mentioned the DRX 9000 treatment which was designed to reduce disc bulges which I knew I had. I have been bothered with low back pain for many years and in the last year was suffering with sciatica and leg pain with tingling in my ankles and feet at night. This caused me to lose sleep to the point I didn't want to go to bed at night as this is when I had severe pain. I didn't respond to the ad for a couple of weeks as my first thought was that I was too old. I finally called the clinic about an assessment and was assured that 83 was not a problem. I made an appointment and was impressed with the fact that they strive in relieving pain without medication or surgery. I now have completed the DRX9000 treatment which was painless. First off, I now want to go to bed and am sleeping much better without the pain and tingling. Secondly, the staff are all professional and interested in you as an individual and listen to your problems and truly want to help you be free from pain. They are all there to improve your health. I highly recommend the treatment to anyone with a problem.

Jeanette Keierleber