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Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville: Your Yorkville Chiropractor

Welcome to the official website for Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville. If you've been looking for a skilled Yorkville chiropractor, medical doctor, physical therapist, athletic trainer or rehabilitation specialist, you'll be delighted to know that you've just discovered a resource for all of these disciplines. Our integrative, holistic approach to physical medicine combines multiple healing modalities as needed, putting them to work for the health, healing and wellness of you and your loved ones. We look forward to helping you make your lives happier, healthier and more rewarding!

An Eclectic Mix of Skills from Our Experienced Health and Wellness Team

We're proud to offer a mix of many different types of health and wellness professionals who work together closely as a team to provide personalized, comprehensive care programs. Our medical doctor, two chiropractors, physical therapist, rehabilitation specialist, two rehabilitation technicians and certified athletic trainer are supported by an equally skilled and dedicated staff. Instead of insisting on one or two types of care, we combine whatever healing methods may be necessary to help you obtain optimal function, comfort and quality of life. Our wide range of services includes:

Advanced Diagnostics - State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and techniques such as digital X-rays, electromyography and American Medical Association impairment rating assessments allow us to obtain a detailed understanding, not just of your symptoms, but of the underlying ailments or injuries that are producing those symptoms.

Chiropractic Care - Either Yorkville chiropractor on our team can evaluate your musculoskeletal alignment to pinpoint possible causes of soft tissue strain, nerve dysfunction joint pain and other discomforts. Spinal adjustments can then be targeted to restore normal joint function and alignment.

Physical Rehabilitation - Our team utilizes several techniques to help you rehabilitate from injuries, surgeries or illnesses, including exercises and massage therapy. Corrective exercises can help you regain strength, balance and range of motion; massage therapy provides enhanced circulation, speedier healing, natural pain relief, improved flexibility and reduced stress.

Physical Therapy - Our physical therapist can create individual therapeutic programs involving rehabilitation, ultrasound, neuromuscular re-education, moist therapy and other techniques to get you back into optimal condition.

Our range of services can help you overcome auto accident injuries, work injuries, disc herniation, sports injuries, chronic pain conditions, systemic diseases and neurological problems. We even provide doctor-supervised weight loss to help you shed pounds and reclaim your health.

Get to Know Your Yorkville Chiropractor, Medical Doctor, Physical Therapist and Other Professionals

Whichever combination of Yorkville chiropractor, medical doctor, physical therapist, trainer and other members of our team are working with you, you'll know you're experiencing the highest standard in professional health, wellness and rehabilitative care for individuals who want only the best for you and your loved ones. Learn more about Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville by exploring this website. To schedule an appointment, call us at (630) 553-2111.

Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville
207 Hillcrest Ave. Ste A, Yorkville, IL 60560

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