Back Pain

Back Pain Relief From Your Chiropractor in Yorkville

If you suffer from back pain, you are not alone. Millions of Americans have experienced some form of back pain in their life, whether it is acute, chronic,upper or lower we understand how back pain can decrease your quality of life.

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At Advanced Physical Medicine, your chiropractor in Yorkville, IL, we take a practical and common sense approach to back pain relief. We address back pain at its root cause and address it by combining the latest medical knowledge with holistic treatments. It can help you to better understand the complexities of the back and spine.

A Complex Network of Nerves, Muscles, Vertebrae and Discs

The spine has 33 ring shaped-bones known as vertebrae that are stacked upon each other to form the spinal column. Each vertebra has flexible,  rubbery discs between them for cushioning and shock absorption. This spinal column serves as the protective housing for the spinal cord. Nerves come out of the spinal cord through small holes in the vertebra. Muscles are also connected to the vertebrae to provide motion. When this complex network becomes out of alignment, back pain is a common result.

The Common Causes of Back Pain

How can the back and spinal area get out of alignment? It generally occurs from one of four conditions.

  1. Trauma: Trauma can be in the form of an automobile accident, sports injury or a slip and fall at work or at home.

  2. Disease: Diseases like arthritis, cancer, and others can create back pain. At Advanced Physical Medicine, we often work with medical doctors to provide back pain relief when an illness is the root cause.

  3. Age: The degenerative process increases the older we get. As discs degenerate with age, they lose their important cushioning ability and back pain results.

  4. Lifestyle: More than ever lifestyle choices are affecting back pain in Americans. Poor posture, being overweight, the use of electronic devices and even heavy backpacks used in school and college can all have negative impacts on the back and spine. 

It's also possible, patients can be experiencing more than one of these causes simultaneously. It's why seeing a neuromuscular spinal expert at Advanced Physical Medicine is so important.

Treatments Available From Your Chiropractor in Yorkville

We are pleased to offer a wide range of non-invasive, natural treatments for the relief of back pain. Our advanced DMX Digital Motion X-ray helps us diagnose the core cause of your back pain. Then, we'll provide a customized treatment program that may include chiropractic adjustments. massage therapy, non-invasive spinal decompression and more. Our goal is lasting back pain relief.

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